It’s interesting how games on electronic devices function. I have attempted to and even watched keenly as other people play these games and have realized that there is a lesson we can draw from the design of these games and how they are played. Most if not all of these games give the player a chance to make another attempt just to better his/her score from the previous one. They have a button known either as ‘retry’ or ‘play again’ or ‘restart’ and so on varying from one game configuration to the other. Most players will not play the game once, lose and shut down their computer or phone; in most cases, many will give themselves another chance with hopes of improving their previous score. In fact, many will try to remember the exact spot where they lost and the exact manner in which they lost. As they take another shot at the game, they often will try to avoid a repeat of the scenario that lead to failure during the previous attempt. Repeated attempts make the player master the game and become much better at it with time.
Just like these games are embedded with the ability for the payer to take another chance so are your life episodes. You are the player in your life and you get to make the decisions that influence your ability to win or lose an attempt. What is fascinating is the fact that that we are quick to give ourselves another chance while playing these electronic games but condemn and judge ourselves harshly whenever an attempt at life fails. We are quick to give up in life whenever things seem not to be working; we condemn ourselves on first attempt basis. Given our imperfections in life, chances are high that we may not win at the game of life during the first attempt.
Have you given up on your pursuance of that academic degree? Do you feel like your efforts have all gone to the drainage? Have you betrayed your heart desires for marriage and companionship with a hardline stance because your ex mistreated you? Have you shut your relationship window based on the conclusion that all men/women are likely to be the same? You have allowed your past attempt to thwart chances of your potential to come alive. You deserve a better life but in most cases it does not come on the first attempt. You need to give it another shot!
Learn from the mistakes of your previous attempt(s) and avoid them whenever you take another chance. Do not be too hard on yourself. It is not over until it is done. Please do it again and again and again until it is done. It is not known on which attempt you will make a win; however, it is known that when you persist, you will win. Do not be discouraged by the number of times you miss the target, attempt again. Zig Ziglar says failure is not a person, it’s an event. Failure from previous attempts at life should not define you; you should be defined by some accomplishment. Failure is not an accomplishment; it is a package of lessons to make accomplishment possible.
Do not reject yourself because someone rejected you; knock on that door once more. The prodigal son was given another chance and I cannot help but imagine how better he became after that chance. Have you driven your children away from home because they did something shameful to your family reputation? Guess what, they are still your children; guide them and give them another chance. Whatever is good in your sight, whatever you yearn for and whatever your heart desires, pursue it with your all. When you fail, aim again and fire! If its marital bliss that you are after, if its academic excellence that you are after, if its parenting that you are working on; whatever it is, always take another chance and another and another until things work. With another chance, YOU CAN DO BETTER!
I wish you all a Merry Xmas.

Roy Okonji
Motivational Speaker and Author

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  1. Victor Njiro

    Thanks alot Roy..may the Almighty God richly bless you,add you more wisdom and expand your soo inspirational to us.Merry xmas n prosperous 2017

  2. Amen! Thank you so much Victor. You too have been an inspiration to me. I thank God for the chance to be part of your life story. Merry Xmas and great 2017 to you too.

  3. Victor Njiro

    Thanks Roy.u blessed

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