Last weekend, I went visiting an orange farmer. As he motioned me to enter the farm through the small gate, I saw him pruning and clipping old branches and leaves from the orange trees. It caught my attention. Why would he be reducing branches from the orange trees? One would expect that the more branches a tree has the greater the harvest of oranges.
I asked him about it and before long, he was lost deep into an explanation spree. He explained how removal of old branches and leaves was useful in maximizing the fruit bearing ability of the orange trees. That the old branches and leaves were competing for the same nutrients responsible for fruit bearing.  That pruning eliminates the unnecessary competition for nutrients and brings out the maximum potential of the orange tree in fruit bearing.
The explanation was amazing. I immediately switched into reflection mode. We, just like the orange tree, have got great potential within us. Could it be that we harbour old habits that hinder us from maximizing our potential? Could it be that our laziness and love for extra sleep is an old branch that needs to be pruned? Could it be that the movies we watch and music we listen to are old branches to be pruned? Could it be that we are holding onto old company that is hardly adding any value to our progress? That company could be a branch for pruning.
Which are these old branches that are blocking you from bearing the fruits that you were created to bear? When last were you deliberate about pruning your bad old habits that are irrelevant in your growth today?
Chances are high that we are guilty of holding onto old branches that add no value to is; old habits that may have been useful back in the day but not any more. It is possible that your business is not performing as well because you are holding onto old ways of doing business. I put it to you that that business has greater potential than what it does today. You too have massive potential than you have ever imagined.
It is time to change tact. It is time to become deliberate about knowing the old branches to eliminate from your life. More rests within you, more rests in your business, more rests in your ministry and more rests in your career. All you need is to prune the unwanted old branches in your life because YOU CAN DO BETTER!

Roy Okonji
Motivational Speaker and Author

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  1. Diana

    Would you help find and redirect people who do not know where they are going?

  2. Yes, Diana. I do give guidance on the same case by case

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